FAA 8710 Microsoft Word Document

I have created a Word template for the FAA 8710-1 (4/00) form.
The template allows one to fill out, save, and print 8710 forms as Word documents.

Download the template, 8710.dot (230 kb). Right-click and choose Save As...

Installing the template

Download 8710.dot to your Microsoft Word 2000 user template directory.
Determine this directory by opening Word, choosing Tools->Options, File Locations, and double-clicking "User templates".

On Windows 98 or ME this directory is typically:
c:\windows\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates

On Windows NT this directory is typically:
c:\windows\profiles\{your user name}\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates

Using the template

Start Word. Click File->New. Select "8710.dot". Word will create a blank 8710 form.

If you save this new 8710, you are saving a copy of the template, so no harm is done to the original template.
You can always get a fresh 8710 by clicking File->New and selecting "8710.dot".

Press F1 to display the help text provided on the FAA 8710 for different fields.

Signing part V requires that you read the Privacy Act statement, which is available here.

Both pages of the FAA 8710 are included. However until DEs are carrying Thinkpads, they'll have to fill out the back by hand.

Questions about the template

  1. Why is the template smaller than my printed 8710?

    This templade duplicates the only official, digital version of the 8710 available from the FAA website. If one prints the FAA pdf and overlays it with this template, they should match exactly.

    In the future I plan on doing a template to match the printed 8710, but I haven't had time lately. The current template took a full day's work to do.

    If your DE or inspector questions the size of the template, ask that person to download the pdf template from the FAA website and compare the two.

  2. Why can't I enter tenths of hours?

    Hours on an 8710 (or any formal document, like a resume) should be rounded down to the nearest whole number.

  3. I don't see 8710.dot when I choose File-> New.

    8710.dot needs to be in the user templates directory before it will appear.

  4. Will the template work with a different version of Microsoft Word?

    While the template may load in other versions of Microsoft Word, it has not been tested with anything other than Word 2000. I think Word 97 was weak with respect to table layout (cell margins, etc), so your mileage may vary.

  5. Is this form official?

    This template is not endorsed by the Federal Aviation Administration. The official 8710-1 (pdf) is here.   However, I have used this template with a number of designated examiners and FAA inspectors with no problems.

  6. I can't download the template.

    Unless you edit your local registry, when you click on a '.dot' file, IE will attempt to open it. That's why you should download the template by right clicking and choosing Save As.

  7. Is this template licensed in any way?

    Everything has got to have a license these days. Ok, here goes, do not sell it or claim authorship.

  8. What if I want to change the form?

    Please email me if you find a mistake or have a suggestion.

Keith Wannamaker